Our health policy is based on the belief that every participant has the right to enjoy a clean and healthy environment.  Therefore, you will be asked to make judgements based on the symptoms present and the guidelines listed below.


If your child or member of your family is displaying any of the following symptoms                                          please refrain from visiting the centre.


·        Breathing difficulties ·        Persistent cough
·        Rash ·        Diarrhea
·        Vomiting ·        Fever
·        Unusual tiredness ·        Persistent crying or irritability
·        Jaundice ·        Lice green nasal discharge


If your child or any member of your family has been diagnosed the following contagious illness we ask that you please refrain from visiting the centre until you made a full recovery.

·        Chicken pox ·        Common cold
·        Pink eye ·        Diphtheria
·        German measles ·        Hib ( haemophilus influenza) type B
·        Hepatitis A ·        Red measles
·        Monoucleousus ·        Mumps
·        Pertussis (whooping cough) ·        Pin worms
·        Polio ·        RSV (respiratory syncytial virus)
·        Scarlet fever ·        Strep throat
·        Tetanus


If your child or any member of your family has been diagnosed with the following skin conditions we ask that you please refrain from visiting centre until you made full recovery.

·        Hand foot & mouth disease ·        Fifth disease (slap cheek)
·        Athlete’s foot ·        Impetigo
·        Kawasaki syndrome ·        Pediculousi (body lice)
·        Ring worm ·        Scabies
·        Shingles


Hand washing is the single most effective way of controlling communicable diseases.

If you have any questions or concerns about the health policies at FAMILIES FIRST please speak to any member of the staff.


Thank you for your cooperation in our effort to prevent the spread of illness.


          Safety Guidelines


  • At FAMILIES FIRST we provide a child safe environment. To prevent any mishaps we ask that you monitor your child and discourage any climbing, running or shouting indoors. Although we respect a parent’s position, there are times when staff may need to intervene to maintain a safe environment.


  • Parents are asked to put mouthed toys into labelled container by the snack table. These items are sanitized at the end of the day.


  • Sanitizing wipes are used to sanitize the change table in the washroom after each use. These are kept out of reach of children above change table.


  • Fire evacuation instructions are posted on the wall by the kitchen pass through and the meeting room exit .  Staff are to follow procedures and lead parents and children to the safest exit.


  • You are welcome to use the playground equipment at any time. We ask that you supervise your children when they are in the outdoor area.


  • Children should be encouraged to hold your hand or stay close in the parking lot.


  • In the event of school closure of the Montague Family of School’s or the English School Board all programs at FAMILIES FIRST and its outreach locations will be cancelled. This is to discourage traveling in unfavorable conditions.


Thank you for respecting these guidelines and working with us to ensure the safety of everyone who visits our centre.


Playroom Guidelines

  • Coffee and tea is on the house, help yourself!  Please keep hot drinks out of reach of little ones.


  • We supply snacks; you are invited to help with preparing, serving and tidying up.  We’d like to hear your suggestions on healthy snacks that you children enjoy.  Please let us know if your child has any allergies.


  • We are a peanut-free and low scent environment- some children have life threatening allergies.


  • Our funders, Public Health Agency of Canada require us to keep track of the number of people who use our center and services. Please sign our guest book each time you come.  From time to time we will be looking for your assistance in completing an evaluation form.  This feedback is used to plan and prepare our programs based on the need and interests of our participants.



  • Help yourself to anything you can use from our clothing bins. If your child is in the playroom we ask that you take the baskets in with you to supervise your child.


  • We encourage you to supervise and take part in your children’s play and to gently and patiently guide them in their emerging social skills. Staffs are committed to helping you find positive ways to guide your child’s behavior.  Speak to any of us if you would like suggestions.  Discipline of someone else’s child is discouraged- parents are responsible for their own children.  If a participant (parent or child) continually displays unsafe or disrespectful behavior, they will be asked to make changes in their behavior in order to continue attending programs and activities.


  • A few minutes before it is time to leave, you can help and encourage children to put toys and craft supplies back on the shelves where they belong so that they can find them the next time they play at the center.