Outreach Programs

Families First offers weekly playgroup in the following location:

  • St. Andrew’s United Church – Vernon Bridge  – Wednesday mornings 10-11:30.

For a complete schedule of activities, times and dates, please see our newsletter.

What Children Gain From A Playgroup

No child is too young for a playgroup. All children, including babies, love new experiences and benefit from developing sensory, social and communication skills through activities at playgroup. Babies are offered play experiences to stimulate their senses. Toddlers practice using their hands, problem solve and use their emerging social skills. Preschool children practice social skills – an important preparation for kindergarten and school.

At playgroup, children can:

  • make new friends
  • gain self confidence
  • develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually
  • develop verbal and non verbal communication skills
  • develop fine and gross motor skills
  • gain better hand to eye coordination, spatial awareness and balance when they play with balls, sand, blocks, puzzles, play dough, paint and paste
  • learn to recognize colors, develop fine motor skills and express emotions by experimenting with paint, collage, chalk, crayons and stamps

What Adults Gain From A Playgroup

Adults stay with their children at playgroup. This gives them the chance to meet other people, share experiences and ease the isolation that can come from caring for young children. Playgroups provide parents and caregivers the opportunity to meet people, gain support and exchange parenting ideas.

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