Parent Information

Throughout the year, Families First offers wide range of parent strengthening workshops and information sessions.   The participant feedback determines the topics offered. Topics covered in the workshops include:


Raising Assertive Children

From the playroom to the playground, your child will likely face a variety of challenging situations in life.  Teach your child how to stand up for herself while respecting others at the same time.

Mental Health and Wellness for Children

Learn how to help your child develop self-worth and self-respect.  Based on current research, get tips and ideas to build her self- confidence, and your positive relationship with her!

Positive Guidance & Discipline

(2-4 sessions)

Gain a clearer understanding of effective guidance and discipline techniques & appropriate limits.  Explore individual parenting styles, learn what to expect at different ages & stages and gain confidence in parenting.

Power Struggles

Learn to identify and anticipate power struggles, set clear limits and boundaries and allow for your child’s need for independence and choice.

Aggression in Toddlers and Preschoolers

(2 sessions)

Sometimes annoying, sometimes alarming, aggression is common in this age group.  Learn how to re-direct aggressive behaviour, set limits and help your child express their feelings more appropriately.

Setting Limits and Boundaries

Children require appropriate limits to protect and prepare them for life.  Parents also benefit from the ability to set limits in other areas of their lives.  Get tips on setting boundaries that will make you a more effective parent.

Routines, Rules and Consequences

Create more order and peace in your home with consistent routines, rules and consequences.  When you give your children the gift of predictability the feel more secure and everyone in the family benefits.

The Time Out Debate

Is Time Out really working the way you want it to?  Is your child learning responsible and appropriate ways to behave/ Discuss and learn more about this popular parenting tool and how to get your child to cooperate.

Parenting Together

For all couples parenting together, whether you are in a traditional nuclear family, blended family extended family or other co-parenting situation.  Explore parenting strategies and styles and get tips on how you can work together to make the job of parenting easier.

Bedtime Battles

Improve your bedtime experience with proven ideas to reduce power struggles and encourage cooperation.  Your children will get the sleep they need and you will get the peace you want.

Dealing With Tantrums

tantrums are a normal but frustrating part of parenting.  Learn how to deal with, and prevent ayour child’s tantrums.

Sibling Rivalry

Learn how to help children resolve their own conflicts and live together peacefully.

Mad About You

(2 -4 sessions)

Parenting is one of most challenging jobs you will ever do.  Learn ways to cope with frustration and anger and find more joy and less stress in your family life.

Flying Solo

Parenting by yourself can be difficult whether you have been single for a while or your partner is away because of work.  Discuss the issues and share ideas with other parents.

Children and Screen Time

When it comes to computers, television and other devices, how much time is too much?  Get tips on managing your child’s screen time and discuss and share useful Internet, TV and mobile resources for your kids.

12 Things Successful Parents Do

This program is based on a video that explains how to prevent arguments and power struggles.  It looks at the things we are doing right rather than the things we are doing wrong.

Tips to Keep Yourself From Becoming Frustrated by Your Child’s Behavior & How Parents and Children Learn

This video based session explores the reasons why children sometimes behave as they do and offers tips on ways to stop yourself from becoming frustrated by the behaviors.   The second part of this sessions looks at the ways that parents and children learn their behaviors from each other and explores the cycles that we can become caught up in.

Challenges & Successes

At  Families First we understand the importance of celebrating the strengths of parents and we realize that a lot of this strength is gained by providing them the opportunity to learn from each other.  This program gives them an opportunity to come together and share successes and brainstorm around the challenges of parenting.

Parenting For Prevention

– 6 session video based program

Session #1

How To Stop Enabling and Start Empowering – is designed to help parents understand what enabling is and how it can hurt their child and teach them how to empower their child.

Session #2

How To Set Limits for Kids –  is designed to help parents learn to set reasonable limits according to age, trust level and basic needs.  It also helps parents understand how important it is for them to observe limits themselves and how to respond when children test the limits.

Session #3

How To Enforce Consequences When Kids Violate Limits – teaches parents how to set consequences and to enforce them calmly, respectfully, and without anger.  They also learn to avoid seeking revenge, making threats or shaming their child.

Session #4-

How To Confront Kids When They’re Doing Wrong-How To Encourage Kids When They Are Doing Right – identifies some common but ineffective communication styles, teaches how to communicate effectively, successfully confront negative behavior and encourage positive behavior.

Session #5

How To Teach Kids To Handle Anger Without Violence. –  helps parents teach their child to be aware of angry feelings, back off and sort out what is happening, check out choices and consequences and decide and do the safest thing.


How To Teach Kids to Resolve Conflicts Without Violence. –  Helps parents teach their child how to think about conflict, talk about conflict and try to work it out.

Parenting With Humor

A video based session that explores the possibility of having a family that laughs together and supports each other.  It provides us with tips to help parents raise a responsible human being using optimism, joy and humor.

Kids Have Stress Too!

Adults aren’t the only ones who feel stress kids do too.  Some stress is normal; too much stress is not good for children or adults.  This program is designed to parents and caregivers better understand stress and to help teach their children ways to manage it.

Let’s Talk About School

This is a time for parents with children entering grade one to discuss school-related issues and to understand the importance of staying involved in their children’s education.

Toilet Learning

Learning to use the potty is often a lengthy process, testing the patience of both the parent and the child.  We explore a variety of techniques and tips to make this transition a smooth one for you and your child.

Grandparents Group

An opportunity for grandparents to come together and share their wisdom and experiences.  It is also a time to update their knowledge and get familiar with the “new ways” of caring for babies. Monthly guest speakers discuss a variety of topics that are of interest to the group.  Some topics include the role of a modern grandparent, grandchildren full time, grandchildren living off island. Topicsare determined by the group.

 We also offer a number of programs on Health & Safety and Nutrition:

Car Seat Safety

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death and injury in children.  A correctly used car restraint will reduce the likelihood of a child being injured or killed in a crash by 75%.  Car safety checkpoint results from across Canada indicate that 4 out of 5 children are not properly restrained when in a vehicle.   Families First staff are trained  in the correct use and installation of automobile restraint systems (car seats) and can instruct parents on the proper installation of a seat.

Bike Helmet Safety

Staff at Families First are training to adjust bike helmets to ensure proper fit.  We do helmet safety awareness at public events in the area.

Home Safety Workshops

Injury prevention is a new concept for many parents.  The purpose of this program is to provide parents with young children information to identify dangers and  to help “safety proof” the home.

First Aid/CPR


Families First hosts a First Aid/CPR course once a year, it is offered free of cost to a parent with children under 7 years of age.


Other health and safety topics presented by guest speakers are:


Healthy Hand Washing (Public Health Nursing)


Dental Health (Dental Hygienist)


Head Lice Information (UPEI Nursing Students)


Doggone Safe (Veterinarian)


Fire Safety (Volunteer Firefighters)


Making Your Own Baby Food


A hands on workshop that shows parents a nutritious, low cost way to feed your baby.


Reading Food Labels


Trying to figure out what is the best choice in packaged food can get overwhelming.  There are so many symbols and so much information on a food package.  We help you sort through all of that to make the best choice for your family.


Crockpot Cooking


This program has 6 sessions, Families First provides the recipes, ingredients, shopping and cooking tips and a crockpot to each participant.  They prepare the meal at our centre while learning some new tips and meal ideas, then take the crockpot home, plug it in and a few hours later your family is enjoying a hot, nutritious meal.  After participating for the 6 sessions , the crockpot is yours to keep.


Cooking With Kids


Parents and children enjoy some time together in the kitchen.  The children learn skills needed to prepare a healthy snack and the parents get some new snack ideas.


Basic Shelf Cooking


We designed this program around the “Basic Shelf Cookbook” which features recipes that are made from low cost nutritious ingredients.   These ingredients can be keep for long periods of time without refrigeration.  With these basic items in your cupboards you can make lower fat, flavourful meals quickly and easily for your family while saving money.


Kitchen & Food Safety


Keep yourself safe in the kitchen!  Learn the difference between safe and dangerous safety practices in the kitchen. Topics covered include hand washing, cross contamination, burns and cuts and knife safety.


Meal planning and Reading Sales Flyers


So much time is spent wondering What’s for dinner?  Simplify your life by planning meals ahead of time.  Learn the basics of meal planning: steps of meal planning, ingredients and coupons, nutrition and presentation,  and making a shopping plan.


Other nutrition topics we offer are:


Preparing Healthy Lunches ( Heart & Stroke Foundation)


Portion Sizes (Community Nutritionist)


Fat & Sugar in Foods ( Community Nutritionist)


For a list of upcoming program names, times and dates, please check our newsletter.

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