Family Programs

Families First offers a variety of programs for young children and their parents, grandparents or caregiver.  These programs are offered at the Montague centre as well as outreach locations.  The program schedule is participant directed, we often determine the months activities based on the feedback of parents.  Each program includes a time for the family to enjoy the welcoming, fun space in our playroom.  A healthy snack is part of every program.


provides an opportunity for them to take part in a variety of activities that include songs, rhymes, finger play and instrument play.  No musical talent required.his is followed by 20 minutes of songs, rhymes, finger plays and instrument play for parents and children to participate in together. No musical talent is required.

Drop-In Play

Drop-in Play is open all week to provide an opportunity for families to drop by the centre and spend some time together in our playroom environment. They are able to access toys and games that might not otherwise be available to them. This time is unstructured as is designed as a way for parents to learn to follow children’s lead around what they would like to play.

Bookworms Book Club

Bookworms Book Club each of the six sessions has a new a book  for the child to take home for a week. There are related poems, crafts and activities.

Cooking With Kids

Cooking With Kids is a yummy, hands-on way to learn about nutrition, food preparation, and food safety. Each session your family will prepare and enjoy a healthy recipe. Come cook with us!

Little Tykes

Little Tykes is a time for children ages 12 months to 2 1/2 years and their paent, grandparent of caegiver to enjoy some age appropriate activites while getting aquainted with other little ones the same age. They can time some time to get comfortable in our playroom.

Comfort Play & Teach

Comfort Play & Teach is an activity program for parents and toddlers 18 months to 3 years. The 5 weekly sessions help you to support your child’s development and builds a strong relationship using everyday teachable moments.

Play Fair

Play Fair (ages 4 and up) is designed to foster empathy and cooperation in young children.

Stretch & Grow

Stretch & Grow (ages 4 and up) Warm up, muscle building and cardo exercises are followed by cool down activities.

Keep Fit- Fun For Everyone

Join in lots of games and movement. This is an energetic and active learning session where the children will run, hop, and skip their way towards a fit and fun lifestyle.

 Wiggle Giggle & Munch

This program provides an opportunity to develop physical literacy and “FUN’damental motor skills while taking part in age appropriate games and activities.

Countdown to Kindergarten

Six sessions that focus on preschool skills and preparing both the child and parent for kindergarten.  Offered for English and French immersion students.

Children’s Lending Library

We have a children’s library located in our playroom.  The library has story sacks as well as books that families are able to borrow to enjoy at home.


  • Summer fieldtrips
  • Parties ( Halloween, Christmas, Easter)
  • Skating
  • Swimming
  • Summer activities at the Montague Waterfront

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