Resource Library

Our comprehensive library has a large selection of topics relevant to families living with young children or the people who work with them. Anyone is welcome to borrow them. The library is opened Monday through Friday. We have books, videos, free booklets and pamphlets.

Some of the topics you can find in our Book library include Teens, pregnancy, pregnancy fitness, for labor/birth attendants, Cesareans-VBAC, Birthing, Prematurity, Postpartum, Breastfeeding, Baby/Toddler, Child Development, Sleep, Toilet Learning, Literacy/Language, Self-Esteem, To Do With or For your Kids, Special Needs, Twins, Parenting, Fathering, Step-Parenting, Single Parenting, Discipline, Anger, Violence Prevention, Separation/Divorce, Death, Safety, Nutrition, Health, Child Care, Home Day Care, Self-Help, Kids, Kids Help, Advocacy, Staff Resources.

Topics you can find in our Video Library include Pregnancy, Teen Pregnancy, Preparing Siblings for New Baby, After the Birth: postpartum, grieving, and baby care, Breastfeeding, Child Development, Language, Self-Esteem, Play, Safety, Nutrition, Health, Parenting, Special Needs, Self-Health, Staff Resources.

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